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September 16, 2018

I was tasked with creating a fire wolf - the details I was given were quite detailed - black fur, with cracks on the skin showing magma coming through, with yellow eyes.

Here is the prep work I did:

And here is my final design:

September 15, 2018

For an exercise I had to create a swamp creature.

I wanted him to be living in the bayou in New Orleans. I've been there and used some photos for inspiration:

I love the creature of the Black Lagoon as well, so thought I'd use that as an influence:

I also liked the idea o...

September 11, 2018

Following on from my previous post, I started doing some design work, rough sketches and ideas for storyboards - this is how the final project came out:

September 10, 2018

A new exercise was to design some Lego Minifigures for the Stranger Things TV show.

I'm sure that most people are aware of the show by now - but just in case - here is the trailer from the Netflix show:

Before starting the actual design, I did lots of prep. I am a big fa...

September 9, 2018

For this exercise I had to create the following:

"Draw 1 portrait of 2 students. Create a mood board, showing 4-6 similar characters you will use as inspiration, for design and colour.

Draw 4 roughs, different ideas, to see how various looks work. You should have them pe...

September 8, 2018

Continuing on from my previous post, I came up with these designs which mix human and animal forms:

I then tried adding on some wings but I wasn't too fond of them:

September 7, 2018

Continuing on from my previous post, I started sketching some bones and skeletons:

September 6, 2018

Next challenge - design a character:

"Create a humanoid creature featuring a minimum 50% human bones. Exaggeration, design, extra parts like flesh and armor expected. Include at least 4 roughs of part or the whole of your creature. The final version can be draw on paper...

August 10, 2018

As part of my Photoshop course at Pluralsite, I have just completed the course creating appealing cartoons characters in Photoshop:

I learned a ton of really good stuff from this course.

When I went back I could see all the things that I needed to fix in my early charact...

July 16, 2018

Phase 5: Details:

Take design to a final stage with the cleanup lines, colour textures and additional elements, such as background elements or shadows you wish to add.

Character Exercises:

1. Using the character breakdowns in the earlier posts, choose on character and exp...

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