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Sketching: Goslings (no, not Ryan!)

May 29, 2018


When you live in Canada, you have to make the most of the nice weather, and it was a lovely day today. I recently discovered a cool urban park close to where I live, and headed there to sketch some of the birds.  I came across a mother goose and her babies - she wasn't very happy at first that I was too close to her goslings. But she soon settled down.


She let me do some sketches for about an hour before she went about her daily business.
 Here are some of my sketches from today. 





What I learned today - drawing birds in real life is HARD! They're not still for very long so you have to sketch as quick as you can and try and remember the rest.


I like to add in notes about the noises they made and how the little goslings kept falling over when they were trying to run!


There were lots of other birds around the water.





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