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Life Drawing: Visual Rhythm

June 2, 2018

I've been working my way through the chapters of my 'Force' art book and I came across a topic I didn't know too much about, and that is 'visual rhythm' and how by understanding this concept you can improve your life drawings.


The author describes rhythm as the interplay of different forces in the body that helps it stay in balance and creates equilibrium.


So one line or idea = A FORCE.

Two forces = RHYTHM.


Another way of seeing it is ACTION and REACTION. Here is a good example:


 Here is the rhythm shown in an actual figure drawing from the book:




1. Try to ski the figure and feel what it is like to draw with FORCE!


2. Draw FORCE without looking at the page, but instead focus on the model. Use FORCE as the pathway around the body.


3. Draw softly/gently, and then become more loud. Build up your confidence.


4. Practice the FORCE line over and over again. Draw one line over and over again, then allow the thought of “Where does this go next?” Apply FORCE to the next directional.


If you're interested in learning more about this topic, in other areas of art, check out this PDF:


This website is also useful on learning more, click on the image to go to the website:






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