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Life Drawing: The Power of Force

June 10, 2018

I started the second in the series of the "force' books - this one is called Force: Drawing Human Anatomy:



In the first section the author talks about hierarchy in drawings and he uses a pyramid as an example: 



I loved a quote he had talking about how not be fearful when drawing, and remembering that you can use drawing as a way of learning about the world - just like the masters back in the Renaissance:

 He also talks about the subject of balance and force in regard to the human body, and I liked the profile view:



The author's images are a bit easier to follow!




Continuing with the new "force' book, chapter one talks introduces a new force - CONTRACTION. This is the 'pinch' that you see when one side of the body is stretching, the other side is contracting.


Here are some of my notes:




The author shows how this knowledge can be applied to gesture drawings:



And here is a really dynamic examples of the forces being shown:




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