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Silver Way: Everyday Sketching

July 10, 2018

Carrying on with 'The Silver Way' book...


There are four P's to remember when learning to draw:







To become great at sketching you also have to have a clear understanding of the basic construction and forms of the human body. Don't skip this studying!


Remember that your sketchbook is not something precious - don't worry about not having 'pretty' pictures in there. It is your journal and for learning. Don't worry about mistakes and stay free and lose.


Sketching Ideas: Random Unconscious Doodling:


Draw whatever comes to mind - with no goal in mind

Let your mind wander and have fun!


Sketching Ideas: Capture images from life:


Draw the things outside the window, from magazines, from your dreams!


Sketching Ideas: TV / Film Drawing Nights:


Rather than just browsing, passively in front of the TV or a movie, have your sketchbook with you.


Draw the major characters and scenes and any interesting expressions and actions. Try not to pause it if possible. But this is OK if you want to capture some more details.


Here are some quick sketches from this Star Trek Episode:





And then I paused it to do more detail for the castle:



Sketching Ideas: Memory Sketching: 


Memory sketching is an exercise done in order to increase your observational skills.


The author gives an example of when he worked in an office and everybody saw the same person and then they walked away and everybody had to draw the same person from memory.


For me, I will be doing this with sketches from people on the bus. I see all kinds of people and I can get lots of ideas from this location.






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