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Artist to look up: Syd Mead

July 22, 2018

I've been doing a bit of work on concept art / location sketches and one of the biggest influences for me is the artist Syd Mead.


One of the first 'movie' books I ever read was my big brother's book on art work from the 'Alien' movie, and it was the first time I ever consciously thought "You mean somebody MAKES a movie?". It was just something that I had never really thought about.



 Syd Mead has just released an amazing book which contains tons of great art work:



Including some great Alien pictures:


 He did so many great films, including Bladerunner, which is my favourite Sci-Fi Films.


I came across this super-rare book about Bladerunner that has some great sketches in it, click on it to read online:



Here are some great pics that really inspired me:




Syd Mead has an amazing website that contains tons of great reference, click on this image to go and have a nosey:




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