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Attempting my own Sci-Fi Layout

July 23, 2018

In my previous post, I focused on artist Syd Mead, and it inspired me to have a go at doing my own sci-fi layout.  For people who don't know what a 'layout' is - it is the background image used in animation.


I loved the sci-fi panels from the Syd Mead book, so I chose that as a subject. Sci-Fi is my favourite genre of film, so it was lots of fun.


The first thing I did was lots of research, here are some pics of panels that I found online:





I thought this one was super-cool as I love the colours and looks like some retro 50's design:



I used to watch the old Star Trek animated so I checked that out too:



You can watch some episodes on Youtube - just click on the image above. They're sooo bad, but so much fun!


Although really you can't beat the original and Uhura is a badass, even in a mini dress:



Then I took a look at some of the smaller things in my layout: such as machines:



I even took some reference photos from the science museum in Ottawa which had some really cool movie props:




I thought this woman was cool and she was the inspiration for my robot:



And here is some ideas I was looking at for Sci-Fi floors:



I used a method called a Mash-Up to create my first attempt. This involves taking images from various places and combining them all into one image:



I then used this as a basis for my final line drawing layout:



Then I drew another close-up of the same image, in a different view:







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