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June 11, 2018

When I was younger I studied sculpture for two years which was great. I discovered lots of great sculptures and the three that I was drawn to the most were:


Henry Moore:



Barbara Hepworth:



Auguste Rodin:



Click on the images to learn more about each artist.


My end of year assignments were to pick a culture and explore that through sculpture.


I decided to choose African Culture. I created a life sized sculpture of three Masai Warriors and placed them to form a triangular shape, just using the silhouette. Sadly I don't have my original sculpture (it was a bit too big to ship to Canada!). But it was based around these kind of images:




In my course last year I took another sculpture course, but this time it was based just on the human form - with the idea being that we could learn more about the human body, to make it easier to draw, not just sculpt.


Here are some of the sculptures I created:










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