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Stop Motion Animation

July 24, 2018

I've just watched the super-cool new stop motion film by Wes Anderson called "Isle of Dogs":



Check out the trailer below:



You can buy some amazing collectables as well, check these out!



Wes Anderson is one of my favourite directors, of both live action and animation, and I loved his previous stop-motion film 'Fantastic Mr. Fox'.


If you haven't seen it, do yourself a favour and watch it - you won't be disappointed.


Check out the trailer here:



I've put together a playlist on Youtube with some nice Stop Motion shorts and feature length films:



The NFB posted a really good article about their Stop-Motion films check it out here:


And if you're interested in seeing some more obscure stuff - this list is quite good:



I think most of you will be familiar already with Aardman and their work, so I won't bother posting individual films here - you can check most of them out from their website. Just click the image below:



 Another amazing company that makes stop-motion films are Laika.


They've made three really cool films so far:





The Boxtrolls:



And Kubo and the Two Strings:



They also worked on Coraline and The Nightmare Before Christmas.


I've done a few stop-motion animations myself and I've only used Lego. I realised pretty early on that there's a reason why people don't use Lego for Aardman films or Wes Anderson's films or Laika's film, and why is that?


Because it SUCKS! If you make any movement to the table you are using they all fall over. And it's way too hard to move the arms/legs etc because they are too small.


I found this out when doing my attempt at recreating "The Walking Dead Auditions" using a Lego-Esque mini figure called Kubricks.


Here are some stills  from it:











I made the set from cardboard and used all of my husband's modelling supplies to add in the grass - he wasn't too happy!


With the church I used a plain model kit and painted it all up myself then put it together.


It is certainly a form of animation I am keen to explore - but this time I will be making my own sculptures.


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