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Artist to look up: Ray Harryhausen

July 26, 2018

In my previous posts I was talking about Stop Motion animation and it got me thinking about some of the earlier practitioners, Ray Harryhausen.


Before he went on to do his own work, he worked with Willis O'Brien, the guy who created King Kong. Here is a picture of O'Brien with the original skeleton for King Kong:



Here is Ray with the original King Kong:



More pictures of the model minus fur:



I created a website post about their working relationship - click here to read it:


There is so much information out there about Willis and Harryhausen, but these two books are particularly good:




One of my favourite films he worked on was Clash of the Titans (the original) and here are some images from that film:





 There is a new exhibition of his work in Scotland which looks really good, click on the image below for the link:



I saw one at the Film Theatre in Bradford, UK, and it was supercool, click on the image below for details:



I couldn't find pictures from that specific one, but I did find these from pictures from an exhibition in Berlin:








There was a really good documentary released a few years back called "Ray Harryhausen Special Effects Titan" and I would highly recommend it, click on the image below to view the trailer:




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