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The NFB and all its weirdness

July 28, 2018

Occasionally when I was a kid, the BBC would put on an animation when there was a change to the usual programming, and it looked nothing like anything I'd ever seen before. And you can bet your bottom dollar that it was from the NFB. This logo basically guaranteed weirdness:



The National Film Board (of Canada) has an incredible collection of both film and animated films - both short form and features. It's really a treasure trove of strangeness.


There was a really funny sketch in The Simpsons when this happened. The Krusty show was cancelled and they replaced it with another weird animation. This time it was a Russian one though - it always made me laugh, click on the image below to watch it:



You can check out a massive collection of NFB films online by clicking the image below:



One of the most famous animators to come out of the training at the NFB was a Scottish animator called Norman McLaren. He is one the founders of animation, and very often overlooked with an American-centric animation history.



Click on the image above to learn more about him.


Probably his most famous short film was the Oscar winning film called 'Neighbours' which mixed stop motion animation with live action, click on the image below to watch the film:



When I saw the 80s videos by Talking Heads such as Road to Nowhere and Once in a Lifetime, I think they were certainly influenced by this.


I'd really recommend looking through the website and checking out some of the treasures on there, you'll be amazed at what will find.






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