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Expression: Part 11: Painting to Music

August 24, 2018

Kandinsky experimented with music and painting and his work explored the link between the feelings evoked when listening to certain types of music and painting at the same time.



We discussed this in our lesson and although it did seem a bit weird at first, it did make sense after a while.


So what colours do you see when you hear a trumpet?

Are they bright, highly saturated, golds, yellows, reds, oranges?


What kind of brush would you use?

A calligraphy pen, hard edges, palette knife?


What about a double bass?

Dark blues, dark purples? Spatter brushes, chalk brushes?


What about a piccollo?

Pastel Colours? Calligraphic brushes?


I tried this myself listening to five different types of music, from pastoral tunes, to jazz, to classics such as the theme tune to 2001 by Strauss.


I found the biggest obstacle to be being able to find and alter the brushes quick enough in Photoshop - this took a long time and sometimes the music has ended by the time I found the right brush!


It was great fun and I really enjoyed the process, here are my results:


It took me a while to get going, but they did get better.


 Another famous artist explored this idea, but this time in animation - that artist would be Walt Disney, and the film would be Fantasia. 


Click here to watch the trailer:



There was another Fantasia film, made in 1999, called Fantasia 2000:







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