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Ideas and Roughs for Magazine Cover

September 3, 2018

When working through the mind map (shown in previous post), the point is to come up with ideas generated through linking the boxes.  Here are the sketches I came up with for various ideas:


I like the idea of visually exploring the viscosity of the liquids in the glass, the beer and the wine - and seeing them merge together. I also like the wine rings and beer mug stains being integrated into the image:



Maybe try and get the shapes to mix into another image? 



I thought about the larger silhouette of the beer bottle and wine bottle and showing the ingredients literally filling them up. This could have worked for the wine bottle and the vineyard as the grapes are visually appealing. However the ingredients for the beer are not quite so  interesting.


Then I started thinking about the Rodeo theme and I learned about Beer Boots!



So why not have cowboy boots that link in with the rodeo theme? But what about the wine too?


That led me onto anthropomorphising the bottle and the glass, trying to make them cute.


So how about the German beer glass and the French Wine bottle?


 Thinking about the shapes... 




From there I tried the beer boots and the wine bottle shape but I didn't like that.


And then Pinocchio trying to drink from a Champagne flute, and a tiny girl with a huge beer stein !


I've always loved the drawings of Richard Scarry and especially the cutaways of his houses:



So I thought how about having the anthropomorphised wine and beer bottles in this kind of a house but in a restaurant instead:



Eventually I stripped back all these ideas and thought about a style that I really like, and that would be a graphic style like the Warhol soup cans:



But I would have more variety in mine. Also I really like the hand drawn style rather than it being ultra realistic. Here is one of my favourite illustrators - Chase Anderson (Wes Anderson's brother).



So I will be using this kind of style for my poster, turning some upside down to make it a bit different:



In the next post I will post the next progression.





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