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Ideas and roughs for Magazine Cover - Part 2

September 5, 2018

Continuing on with working on designs for the new magazine cover, I whittled down my idea to the two wine glasses - and decided not to move forwards with the other two. Now the real work began trying to hone this idea and start trying out some of the techniques I had wanted to use to create my image.


I first thought that I could incorporate some collage ideas. So I set off to the second hand shop to buy myself a nice big coffee table book all about wine. I had a ton of fun cutting out all the images...



I then started working on trying new ideas around my wine theme and one of the ideas was that of a splash painting with the glass and bottle shapes. I made some cut-outs and stuck them on a piece of watercolour paper  this is how it turned out:



I took off the cardboard and this is what it turned out like - I added some wine stains that I made from a separate image:



I did some amendments to it in Photoshop and tidied it up a bit as my pizza box that I used for cardboard had come off on the paper!


I really liked the style of some of the Disney splash paintings I had seen on Pinterest and would have liked to do this:



I then started gathering images that I liked to make a kind of mix of the collage and the splatter effect - but with a focus on Calgary where the magazine is based.



I also thought that the saddle looked a bit like a tray which ties in with my theme.


One of the ideas that I wanted to explore is the double meaning  - and I love the idea of the Rorschach test - the ink blots - because these also look wine.


There is actually one that looks like two waiters - which again fits in with my theme:



So here is the rough that I came up after incorporating all these ideas:










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