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Final Design for Magazine

September 5, 2018

I did a lot of brainstorming for this cover, and I wanted my overall idea to be that socializing with family and friends can be a great stress reliever. After chatting with my own friends one had commented, in jest, that ‘a good bottle of wine and a chat with friends can be as good as therapy!’ And that got me thinking – how could I show that visually in one image? It was too complex of an idea for just one image, so I decided to simplify the idea down. I love visual irony, so I decided to play with the idea of the Rorschach inkblot idea, as that reminded me of a wine splash. I found some actual inkblot images, here they are:



I customized them so that they fitted in with my overall theme of people having fun together while drinking.


Then I expanded that idea to anthropomorphize the other wine splashes in the painting, just a touch, without being too overt.


So when you look closely inside the glass you will see some images of people with beer glasses, to include the beer theme as well as the wine.  My color palette was to express the mix of wine and beer colors.


I removed the 'wine stain' rings which were being used as bubbles - they weren't needed any more. I'm happy with the overall image even though it wasn't quite was I was trying to express:




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