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Re-Working your own artwork in a new style - Part 1

August 31, 2018

So a while back I studied tigers for a project I was working on. Here is my original digital painting:



I tried to make him as realistic as possible and give him some personality by adding an inquisitive look to his face.


Now with a new project I will use the same subject matter and this time try a completely different approach. For the first attempt I tried creating a Cubist tiger in a forest.


I came across this painting by Rousseau:


 I loved the colours and the simplification of the image. And I also came across this cubist image from George Braques which somehow reminded me of a tiger, especially the colours:



And I thought that marrying the two images would be interesting - but I wanted to really emphasize the triangular shapes, but still keep to a muted palette as a background.


I started my cutting up my original image - shifting each slice up and down alternating between both. Then I changed the color palette through solarizing and adding hue changes, and manipulating levels. I cut into the image using the line tool in Photoshop to give him an outline of black - this is the first attempt:



After some revisions I re-worked him again to make him more spiky!



I created the colour pallete for the tiger by merging the traditional orange and black with a solarized version of the colours that I had created separately, then mixed the two colours together.








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